Faultless Inside

An Unadulterated Christian Perspective

This blog is and will always be from a Christian point of view. Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior and the only true hope in this world. Additionally, I believe that Jesus is God in the flesh, died and was raised from the dead, and the scriptures are the Word of God. I write to serve Jesus by sharing my perspective. I also believe that the Lord calls for us to keep a clear conscience as we live our lives.

What makes this blog different from any other Christian Blog?

This blog is different because I am not afraid to be wrong. I’m not afraid to say something that triggers correction by my brothers and sisters in Christ. Additionally, I am going to challenge your traditions and your comfortable ideas. You won’t agree with everything I say, but isn’t that what makes it worth reading? If you only read things here that you hear all the time in your own life, there would be no point to coming and reading.

I also intend to challenge your beliefs and I encourage you to do the same for me. I don’t fear correction or challenges and I will always respond respectfully in discussion. My posts are always supported by scripture, but I do more than just quote verse after verse. I believe scripture is meant to be used in rational dialog and in addition to well reasoned thought. Additionally, I believe that we were given the Holy Spirit for a reason, it wasn’t just to spam bible verses at people, but to explain those bible verses to people. The Holy Spirit guides us through the precise situations in scripture and their meaning to help us traverse a world not mentioned in scripture.

What is the point?

To share a perspective that isn’t influenced by ambition, fear, religious tradition, or politics. I don’t believe the body of Christ should be so intimate with global and domestic political activism. It isn’t that I don’t want more Christians running for office, but I don’t like the results that come from mixing the objectives of a political ideology and the objectives of Jesus Christ. Christians should run only as Christians, holding no other allegiances except their allegiance to Jesus.

My perspective is about connecting scripture written for an ancient form of civilization with the modern world. I plan to make an argument for loving one another and loving God over all other things on this planet. Nothing is more important than that and everything I say is with that in mind. I hope to encourage readers to wake up and go to bed with a clear conscience. Also, to encourage readers to allow the Holy Spirit to bring them to a place of holiness rather than a place of comfort.

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