First post as Faultless Inside

I want to thank those of you who have followed my blog over the past several months. Writing in my blog from the point of view of Christian Integrity has taught me many lessons. One of those lessons is that I need to focus on four main areas.

  1. How to feel like a Christian
  2. How to react like a Christian
  3. How to live like a Christian
  4. How to learn like a Christian

Many Christians will say they already do this. We all do this to some degree, but I’m not suggesting that you should be somewhat Christian. We must aim higher than just being Christian enough to be saved. It isn’t disputed that Jesus will save all who believe in him and believe that God has risen him up from death to be our Lord and Savior.

Jesus spent the entire time from his baptism to his death teaching those around him that it is important to be better. It isn’t enough just to believe, as his disciples surely did from the start. He constantly reminded them that they needed to have more faith, or be more compassionate, or be more forgiving. He tried to teach the Pharisees that they spend too much time trying to look clean and not enough time being spiritually clean.

My focus from now on is going to be about how we can be spiritually clean and how we can feel, react, live, and learn as a Christian should, saying and doing what is appropriate in order to be in good conscience with our Lord Jesus and in harmony with the holy spirit. This is what will lead to unity of our Christian spirit. Unity comes with being mature, and becoming mature is the process of becoming clean inside.


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