What is Holiness?

This website is pretty much dedicated to holiness, to being spiritually clean and maintaining that cleanliness throughout our lives. So, it is only natural that I attempt to adequately describe what holiness is.

I added this to the home page of faultlessinside.com, but I thought it would also make a good post.

What is holiness?

If you search the internet for an answer, you’ll get a lot of complicated answers.

God brought up holiness for the first time after his people had, among other things, worshiped other gods in Egypt. He is holy because he us unalike any other God, he is reliable, loving, and true. He spoke of holiness almost every time he gave a new command in Leviticus. The Israelites were commanded to follow exact instructions for sacrifices, and those correctly executed sacrifices were considered holy. The Israelites were to act exactly as instructed by God, and following those instructions made them holy. His instructions almost always were in response to what the rest of the world was currently doing. God instructed them to avoid those other things and do only what he commanded them to do. God said “Be holy, because the Lord your God makes you holy.”

The book of Leviticus is about separating the people of Israel from other people, from other religions, their rituals, sacrifices, words, and actions. God wanted his people to be different, to be like a boulder in a field. Nothing will move that boulder, you can’t mistaken it for grass or flowers, and that boulder will look and be the same in the morning as it is that night. Obviously this is an over simplification, but he wanted his people to stay strong in their obedience to him, be examples to each other and foreigners among them, and to always be holy. He wanted them to maintain ceremonial cleanliness so they can properly be that example.

Holiness is consistency, persistence, God’s power, and God’s glory. Holiness is the truth, what is and what will always be. Holiness is what comes from God or comes in contact with something that comes from God. Holiness is what God sees as good. Anything that pleases God is holy, because his being pleased makes it holy.

Holiness is the persistent voluntary obedience to God’s commandments, consistently demonstrated to proclaim the love, power, and glory of God.

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