About This Blog

The Holy Spirit Calls Us To Holiness

The Faultless Inside Blog is about having an honest conversation with myself and my fellow Christians. The Holy Spirit often tells us things contrary to what we want to hear. It presents the argument for holiness that usually conflicts with the things that make us happy or comfortable.

The Spiritual Conversation

Spirit comes from the Greek word pneuma meaning “the immaterial part of the inner person that can respond to God.” The Holy Spirit facilitates a conversation between our spirit and God. God and things of the world both influence that spirit within us. The Holy Spirit comes from God and is not influenced by things of the world.

The role of the Holy Spirit is to intercede for us, and to remind us of holiness. The Holy Spirit warns us, comforts us, and teaches us. When something is bothering you about your situation, actions, or thoughts, that is the Holy Spirit communicating with your spirit.

When the Holy Spirit is talking to our spirit, it is possible to interpret the details of the conversation in the moment. Communication loses its context over time, making interpretation more difficult.

Why do I write?

The posts that I write are the details of the conversation between my spirit and the Holy Spirit. I know that the interpretation is correct because the conflict inside calms as I write. I have also noticed that as time goes by I will return to the posts I have written and it reminds me of the earlier understanding. The posts that I return to bring additional peace, similar to the feeling provided when reading scripture and finding understanding about what is written. I don’t know if the details of this conversation can help others, but I hope it can.

Holiness is about keeping a clear conscience before God and other people. This doesn’t mean we never make mistakes, but afterward we must make amends. I hope I can assist others in their effort to keep a clear conscience and I hope you can help me do the same.